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Google Testing New Layout Changes

posted by J. Prevost on 2010-10-07

The rumors have started floating around that Google is testing out a new page preview feature in their search engine results from certain data centers.

The screenshots show a magnifying glass next to the link on the organic results provided in a typical web search that pop up a preview of the website.

From users who are seeing the features currently, all indications are that it is not the result of a browser plugin so it appears that Google may indeed be testing out the new changes for user reaction from various data centers.

Google has done this a few times with the past with the most recent being the testing of local search results and Google Places by showing all the local listings with the map off to the right of the page and organic results pushed down. It appears that this newly tested change would also have the same effect of interfering with the PPC listings appearance. We have not seen the Google Places update take place so donít expect this one to show up for quite some time either.

It is interesting to think about the implications that your website design could have on this newly tested search engine results layout. Website design will need to appear current and will be a factor in click through rate. Website design has always played a large role in click through rate but it could be more important than ever to get that most essential first click if users can see your website preview without even having to visit your website.

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